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Trivia Time Machine
Fall, 2016

How does this work?

Play one or all three days!
7pm-12am Friday
7am-12am Saturday
7am-12pm Sunday

  • 8 Questions every hour
  • Answer online by the end of the second song
  • Identify the pictures in the guide
  • Identify the on air song snippets
  • Follow clues on the Black Ice Road Rally
  • Read these pages
  • Gather a team
  • Pick a team name
  • Register
  • Find a place to play
  • Pick up a guide booklet
  • Be ready by 7pm Friday


We ask questions, you answer them.
Correct answers within the time limit earn points.
The team with the most points wins first place.


Questions are simulcast on
WHYS 96.3 and
WIEC 102.7

Listen over the air or online.
Awards given shortly after
the end of the contest.


The Contest

Team Registration is $25 for the entire weekend or $15 for a single day. Teams can have any number of players.

Before the contest begins teams will receive a guide with all necessary Trivia on Ice related information (mailed to out of town teams for $5). Studying this guide before the contest will be beneficial. The guide will contain the contest rules, pictures related to trivia questions, food coupons from trivia supporters, trivia sponsors and more.

During the contest teams will listen to either WHYS 96.3 or WIEC 102.7, online or over the air. We will ask at least one question every eight minutes with breaks for lunch, dinner and sleep. Teams correctly answering the question before the deadline will receive points. The number of points given is based on the difficulty of the question, the number of correct answers, and how quickly the answers are given. If you know the answers off the top of your head you will accumulate more points. Some questions have alternate deadlines which overlap standard question deadlines. For example, you may be asked to identify a half dozen songs within 2 hours after being given a medley of short audio snippets.



All answers are submitted online. Teams have one chance to get the answer correct - multiple submittions are not allowed. Answers must be submitted before the announced deadline (usually about eight minutes). Your answers will be judged and scored within the hour. Team standings and statistics will be available.


Picture Based Questions

The guide will contain pictures used in standard questions. The questions may or may not be related to what is shown in the picture. Teams are encouraged to research these pictures in preparation for the contest.


Audio Based Questions

To answer some questions you may be given clues such as songs, voices, or other sounds. You may need to identify the song titles, identify when a sound was made, or answer other questions about the audio given.


Black Ice

During the final part of the contest teams will be given clues to follow a certain path and answer questions along the way. The clues will lead teams around the city to answer questions and perhaps visit establishments. Teams will record their answers and turn them in at the end of the contest.



Recognition will be given to each team at the awards ceremony.

Hosting a Party

Think Weekend

Showers, sleeping arrangements, food, water... what do you normally do on a weekend? What will you do with a house full of guests? If you are a guest, what burdens can you remove from your hosts? You do not want to be borrowing a toothbrush! Think ahead.


Necessary and Recommended Items

  • Phones
  • Computers
  • Tape or digital recorders
  • Scratch paper
  • Cameras
  • Plenty of food and non- alcoholic beverages
  • Trivia related resources (books, music, movies)
  • Place to nap
  • Change of clothes
  • Toothbrush and teddy bear.
  • Automobile (or a bike)
  • The phone number of every "expert" friend you have.


Underage Parties

EVERYONE HAS A RIGHT TO BE SAFE — Children, Teens, Students, Adults.

Parents: Swap Phone Numbers

  • Set ground rules with your own children and let parents of other children coming know what those rules are. (A sheet of written rules and consequences will help everyone remember.)
  • Understand the legal consequences of curfew violations and use of alcohol and other drugs by minors.
  • Have plenty of food and non - alcoholic beverages available.
  • Ask parents of students coming to your home to help with food and supervision.
  • Arrange for one or more responsible adults to be awake and aware at all times.
  • Avoid easy access to alcohol for anyone under 21 years of age.
  • Notify any parent whose child arrives under the influence of alcohol or any other drug to come and pick them up. If parents are not available, call the police. If a teen arrives at the party with alcohol or other drugs, confiscate, and call parents or police for assistance.


  • Know where and for how long they will be there.
  • Don’t hesitate to call the parents hosting to ask about guidelines. Offer help with food or chaperoning.
  • Make plans ahead of time with your teen on how to handle situations of concern.
  • Allow the teen to call for a ride home at any time they have a concern.


Registration will open sometime this fall.

Do not wait until the last minute! Signup now and get the guide early to start identifying pictures and black ice road rally clues. Guide pickup times and further instruction will be give after registration. For non-local teams we charge $5 shipping to ship your guide booklets to arive on our local pickup day.

Registration is a two step process. Tell us about your team, then setup payment.


Day (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
Team Name


Next fill out the registration form. We need at least one primary contact per team. In this case, more is better.